ADS Webinar: A Simple Truth - Our Sport Relies On Volunteers 7/21/11 

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Organization Structure - Event Volunteers vs Committee Volunteers


"Beware of Scope Creep. . .Over time, if you are not clear about who does what, everything that doesn't have a home will be YOURS!"


Event Volunteers

". . .directly support the classes/phases that make up the event.  They work under the direct supervision of the Volunteer Manager."


Gate and Warm Up Stewards

Scribes - Cones, Dressage, Vet Box, Vet Inspection, etc.

Timers - Section, Hazard, Cones, etc.

Cone Setters

Hazard Observers, Assistants and Repair

Wheel Measurers

Score Runners



Could Be Event Volunteer Jobs - Need Individual Managers



Entrance Gate and Parking - 4H, Large Animal Protection, ASPCA, etc?

Road Crossing Guards - Boy/Girl Scouts, Environmental Protection Groups, etc?


Volunteer Food Catering - If food budget too low for a commercial caterer.


Committee Volunteers

". . . Committee Heads and the volunteers that directly support them"


Grounds Maintenance - mowing, weedwacking, etc. thruout the year

Capital Projects - New rings, stable/camper pads, hazards, trails, etc.

Equipment Management - Ring Boundary Markers, Dressage Letters, Cones/Balls/Letters, Measuring Sticks, Watches/Whistles, knockdowns, Course Markers, Radios, Portable Tents


Show Setup/Teardown - Roping and Marking, Decoration, Tent Setup, etc.


Souvenir/Information Stands, Logo Products Sales, etc.

Trade Fair and Food Vendors

Patron's Tent

Welcome and Competitors' Parties, Auctions, Raffles

Entertainment - Dog Agility Trials, Children's Play Area, Coaching or Antique Car Exhibits, Polo Demos, Terrier Races, Sheepdog Trials, etc.


Could Be Paid or Committee Jobs




Radios and Public Address System


Not Volunteer Jobs!

Steep Slope Mowing

Bit Checks

Vet Box Tech (unless certified or perhaps ok if closely supervised by vet)


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