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Miscellaneous Tips and Tricks


DO NOT Measure Pleasure Cones - Use Standard Measurements


DO NOT Run 2 Cones Rings At Once - Unless They Are Fenced Arenas


Giant Zip Lock Bags as Raincoats for Clipboards


Short Pencils for Writing Inside ZipLock Bags


Big Trash Bag and Rubber Band Rainsuits


Wheel Measurement Card System

3x5 Spiral Bound Card Book with Competitor Labels On Each Card

Wheel Measurer Instructions See TBP version

Individual Cones Score Sheets for 1 or 2-Day Events

Individual Cones Scoresheet

Cones Scribe Instructions

Individual Radios For Cone Setters for Measurements and Instructions from Cones Steward (with ear pieces).


Pay Special Attention "Mission Critical" Items:

Clipboards - Dressage Tests, Order of Go, Backup Sheets

Pinnies - At Start of A; in Competitor # Order

Green Cards - Avoid Filling Out In Advance if possible

Volunteer Vehicles - Bicycle Flags; Name Signs; Exclusive Control

Shade - Where you need it

Radios/Cell Phone Backup - To all critical stations

Volunteer Food - On time, fresh, tasty. . .esp. if Patrons are feasting

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