ADS Webinar: A Simple Truth - Our Sport Relies On Volunteers 7/21/11

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Objectives For This Webinar


Volunteer Management is really just common sense planning and managing.  But it is something most of us do only once or twice a year and by the time we remember all we learned from the previous year, the event is over! The purpose of this webinar is for you to come away with:

Everything I am sharing is protected by my copyright.  I give you permission to use these materials in any way that you need including copying and editing them for your own use.  However, none of these materials can be used - in whole or in part - in any commercial product provided through any media.  They are a free gift to the sport.


It is a very humbling experience to be asked to share my progress with you, because I know how much I don't know.  But I know a heck of a lot more than the day I said "Yes, I'll be a volunteer manager for the Laurels."  So if any of this helps you, I will be delighted.  We need to preserve and grow our knowledge, so that every new volunteer manager does not have to start from square one!


Bobbi Hager
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