ADS Webinar: A Simple Truth - Our Sport Relies On Volunteers 7/21/11

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Veterans: " I've done this job before but I need a refresher. . ."

Newbies: "I've never done this. . I don't want to screw up!"


Master/Apprentice Partnerships - Basic Skills Training

Training Clinics - Basic Skills Training   BVDC Volunteer Clinic

Video Resources - Basic Skills and Refresher Training

Lower Level Show Experience - Confidence and Grace Under Pressure

Instruction Clipboard Sheets - Refresher Training or Simple Skills

Sample Instruction Sheets - CDE       Sample Instruction Sheets - Pleasure


Morning Briefing - Refresher Training/News - 7 Important Things


Shift Change Training - Refresher Training/News or Simple Skills


One-on-One Coaching - Refresher or Basic Skills

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