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Last NameFirst NameStatusExpiresAddlnameTypePaper NL?
AdamsMargaret (Maggie)LifeLife Indiv Full  
AdamsMicheleInActive2018 Indiv Full  
AlbaAliceInActive2019 Indiv Full  
AleskowitzEllenInActive2018 Indiv Full PapNL
AlexanderTheresaInActive2018 Indiv Full  
AndersenLisa And AlbertActive2020 Fam/Grp Full  
AukampBrandon and TarynInActive2019 Fam/Grp Full  
AumillerGailLifeLifeDreams Come True FarmIndiv Full  
AxelssonJessicaActive2020 Indiv Full  
BakerFrances and WayneActive2020 Fam/Grp Full  
BarchiAllieInActive2019 Indiv Full  
BartholomewLydia WillitsActive2020 Indiv Full PapNL
BaturayVicki and AlActive2020 Fam/Grp Full  
BausermanDebInActive2019 Indiv Full  
BeauchampJon PaulInActive2018COMMPATHSIndiv Full  
BeckerJessieActive2020 Indiv Full  
BetzendahlConiInActive2019 Indiv Full  
BlissPaulaInActive2018 Indiv Full  
BondJeanneInActive2019 Indiv Full  
BostwickAudrey A.LifeLife Indiv Full  
BotkinRobynActive2020 Indiv Full  
BottaroLeslieActive2020 Indiv Full  
BoweCarolActive2020 Indiv Full  
BowenJohnActive2020Pamela BastingsFam/Grp Full  
BowenMickieLifeLife Indiv Full  
BowkerDonActive2020 Indiv Full  
Bozyczko-CoyneDonnaLifeLife Indiv Full  
BrauningMicheleInActive2019 Indiv Full  
BreggiaJayActive2020Beth BerlinFam/Grp Full PapNL
BrightDanaActive2020 Indiv Full  
BrosiusNewtLifeLifeGini BrosiusIndiv Full  
BrownJenniferInActive2019 Indiv Full  
BruningTara P.InActive2019 Indiv Full PapNL
BushCarolActive2020 Indiv Full  
CamploneDeborahActive2020 Indiv Full  
CanavanJudy and TimActive2020 Fam/Grp Full  
ClardyBarbaraActive2020 Indiv Full  
ClementDonnaActive2020 Indiv Full  
CoatsKaraActive2020 Indiv Full  
ColellaJoeActive2020 Indiv Full  
CompanionLydiaActive2020 Indiv Full  
ConnerCarolInActive2018 Indiv Full  
CornmanMelanie and GregActive2020Caraline and Christine CornmanFam/Grp Full  
CouncillAnneActive2020 Indiv Full  
Crowley IIIP.J.LifeLifeTara Miliziano-CrowleyFam/Grp Full  
DeerkoskiBernadetteActive2020Emily DeerkoskiFam/Grp Full PapNL
DeFazioLauraActive2020 Indiv Full  
DobbinsSabrinaInActive2019 Indiv Full  
DollCynthiaActive2020 Indiv Full  
DomeAnn RaackActive2020 Indiv Full  
DonovanDeborahActive2020 Indiv Full  
DoughertySuzanneActive2020 Indiv Full  
DoveBetsyActive2020 Indiv Full  
du PontNicoleLifeLife Indiv Full  
DuchnowskiMarthaActive2020 Indiv Full  
DurhamBrookeInActive2018 Indiv Full  
DwyerCarolActive2020 Indiv Full  
EighmeLoryActive2020 Indiv Full  
EisenhuthLorraine and RussActive2020 Fam/Grp Full  
EmerickLouisa P.Active2021 Indiv Full  
Emmell LeisterM. GraceActive2020 Indiv Full  
EtterRussel and LindaInActive2018 Fam/Grp Full  
FarrisKathleenInActive2019Jo DaleyFam/Grp Full  
FenderJoyActive2020 Indiv Full  
FettersMeredithActive2020 Indiv Full  
FieldmanCynthiaInActive2019 Indiv Full  
Fitzpatrick IIIDr. Thomas A.InActive2019 Indiv Assoc PapNL
ForneyDavidActive2020 Indiv Full  
Frame, Jr.LewisActive20201075 Suplee RdIndiv Full  
FreemanTraceyActive2020 Indiv Full  
GallowayJoan K.Active2020 Indiv Full  
GershonVickiActive2020 Indiv Full  
GiacomoniCaitlinInActive2018 Indiv Full  
GlennClaireLifeLife Indiv Full  
GluckMykeActive2020 Indiv Full  
GodshallAbramInActive2018 Indiv Full  
GouldRhonda and RoyActive2020 Fam/Grp Full  
GrassiDoris A.Active2020 Indiv Full PapNL
GravesSuzanne and JohnActive2020 Fam/Grp Full  
GregorioSusanActive2020 Indiv Full  
GregoryJohnActive2020Marlou GregoryFam/Grp Full  
GrilletMargaret M.Active2020 Indiv Full  
GrothmannDebbieActive2020 Indiv Full  
GuibersonJamieActive2020 Indiv Full  
GutierrezAnthonyActive2020 Indiv Full  
HaertleinBarbaraActive2020 Indiv Full  
HagerRoberta (Bobbi)LifeLife Indiv Full  
HalkaChet and BonnieActive2020 Fam/Grp Full  
Halko-RobertsAndreaLifeLife Indiv Full  
HansenCamillaActive2020 Indiv Full  
HarrisSherryActive2020 Indiv Full  
HarrisYvetteInActive2019 Indiv Full  
HarrisonElizabethActive2020 Indiv Full  
HartmanJudithAnnActive2020 Indiv Full  
HasenDianaActive2020 Indiv Full  
HearnAnne L.Active2020 Indiv Full  
HeinzerHelenActive2020 Indiv Full  
HirshDavid and DonnaActive2020 Fam/Grp Full  
HomerLoreLifeLife Indiv Full PapNL
HooverAliceInActive2018 Indiv Full  
HorinePaigeActive2020 Indiv Full  
HuntJohn Frazier and PennyActive2020 Fam/Grp Full  
HurstDonna S.Active2020 Indiv Full PapNL
IrelandChar-AnLifeLife Indiv Full  
JenkinsBarbara J.Active2020 Indiv Full  
JoyceAnneActive2020 Indiv Full  
KailDebraActive2020 Fam/Grp Full  
KalmanLindaActive2020 Indiv Full  
KashnerKatieActive2020 Indiv Full  
KennedyChris and LoisActive2020 Fam/Grp Full  
Kenworthy, DVMMartha A.LifeLife Indiv Full  
KernJessicaActive2020 Indiv Full  
Kinney-PaisleyJudithActive2020Marvin PaisleyFam/Grp Full  
KisterPamActive2020 Indiv Full  
KleinBilly the KidLifeLifeBack Acres FarmIndiv Full  
KlumppAnna M.LifeLifeCair Paravelle FarmIndiv Full  
KozakKathy and JimActive2020 Fam/Grp Full  
KozakowskiPatActive2020 Indiv Full  
KreckmanSusanActive2020 Indiv Full  
KriebelAmyActive2020Donna and Andrew KriebelFam/Grp Full PapNL
KristulaMichaelaActive2020 Indiv Full  
KromkaMichelleActive2020 Indiv Full  
KunertJanetActive2020 Indiv Full  
KwasnikLizLifeLife Indiv Full  
LaceyClaireActive2020 Indiv Full  
LachanceCourtneyInActive2019 Indiv Full  
LairdCharlotte and JohnActive2020 Fam/Grp Full  
LavelleChristinaActive2020Christopher FallonFam/Grp Full  
LawlorMark and Mary LouActive2020 Fam/Grp Full  
LeoJimLifeLife Indiv Full  
LevitskyClaraInActive2018 Indiv Full  
LewisTondaInActive2018 Indiv Full  
LongstaffRobert and StephanieLifeLife Fam/Grp Full PapNL
LubinskiSzczepanActive2020 Indiv Full PapNL
MacheskiDianeInActive2019 Indiv Full  
MajorBethInActive2018 Indiv Full  
MandichBarbara LampleyInActive2019 Indiv Full  
MarleyKenneth G. and Sandra A.Active2020 Fam/Grp Full  
MartinDarrell and KatherineActive2020Cody and Nicole MartinFam/Grp Full  
MartinPamActive2020 Indiv Full  
MartinWeaver R.Active2020 Indiv Full  
MattaLisaActive2020 Indiv Full  
McDonaldMegan M.InActive2018Eowyn O'HearnFam/Grp Full  
McGrathDoneneActive2020 Indiv Full  
McGuiganColleenActive2020 Indiv Full  
McLeanJeanActive2020 Indiv Full  
MessmerMary AnnActive2020Tom MessmerFam/Grp Full  
MessnerSandraActive2020 Indiv Full  
MichalenkoRitaActive2020 Indiv Full PapNL
MillerGerard and DeborahInActive2019 Fam/Grp Full PapNL
MillerSandra K.Active2020 Indiv Full  
MokuauKarenActive2020 Indiv Full  
MooneyColleenInActive2018 Indiv Full  
MooreDerekActive2020 Indiv Full  
MorganTraceyActive2020 Indiv Full  
MorrisRebeccaLifeLife Indiv Full  
Mott-KocsisMaryInActive2018 Indiv Full  
MuhlenbergTerryActive2020 Indiv Full  
MulveyRobertInActive2018 Indiv Full  
MurphyPaulInActive2018 Indiv Full  
MyersTeresaActive2020 Indiv Full  
NelsonMary and EdActive2020 Fam/Grp Full  
O'BrienWendyLifeLife Indiv Full  
O'DayKarenInActive2019 Indiv Full PapNL
PaglieiGemmaActive2020www.GemmasPilates.comIndiv Full  
PaleAbigailInActive2018 Indiv Full  
Palmer-MillerKailLifeLifeChris, Ryley and Kolton MillerIndiv Full  
ParrisBrittany and JeffreyActive2020 Fam/Grp Full  
ParsonsCorrinaInActive2019 Indiv Full  
PaxtonHeleneActive2020 Indiv Full  
PendleburyBeckyActive2020 Indiv Full  
Pennell-BriantJeanineInActive2018John BriantFam/Grp Full  
PontzDawn and MikeInActive2019 Fam/Grp Full  
PrzemienieckiMichelle and ChrisActive2020Zach and AudreyFam/Grp Full  
PurnellCharlotte AnneActive2020 Indiv Full  
PykaSherriInActive2019 Indiv Full  
QuearMichael D.Active2020 Indiv Full  
ReithJadeInActive2018 Indiv Full  
RendonDeborahActive2020 Indiv Full  
RiddleLuAnne RyanLifeLife Indiv Full  
RobertsSusan H.Active2020Jack WernerIndiv Full  
RobinsonRebekahInActive2018 Indiv Full  
RolfesDoris A.InActive2018 Fam/Grp Full  
RootKarenLifeLife Indiv Full  
RosenthalDaniel M.Active2020 Indiv Full  
RoyDee and KenActive2020 Fam/Grp Full  
SandersAnnActive2020 Indiv Full  
SayboltDavid and JeanneActive2020 Fam/Grp Full PapNL
ScarcellePattyActive2020 Indiv Full  
SchellKaren L.Active2020 Indiv Full PapNL
SchmittSaraInActive2018 Indiv Full  
SeidelLeslieLifeLife Indiv Full  
SharpLeahInActive2019 Indiv Full  
ShettslineRobertLifeLife Indiv Full  
ShoemakerJudithActive2020 Indiv Full PapNL
ShrawderElizabeth (Liz)InActive2018 Indiv Full  
SimonetLynnActive2020 Indiv Full  
SingerLisaLifeLifewww.chateaulogdriving.comIndiv Full  
SmithAl (Smitty)Active2020 Indiv Full  
SmithClaudineActive2020 Indiv Full  
SmithJoanActive2020 Indiv Full  
SoldavinAaronInActive2019BenningtonCarriages North AmericaIndiv Full  
SpaldingDeborahInActive2019 Indiv Full  
Spencer-JonesLydiannActive2020Charles JonesFam/Grp Full  
SpinelliAnnActive2020Beli Mawr Welsh PoniesIndiv Full PapNL
SpurgasAnnInActive2018 Indiv Assoc  
StaffordSuzy Active2020www.StaffordCarriageDriving.comIndiv Full  
StinsonGayle A.Active2020 Indiv Full  
StoverKimberly and JeffreyActive2020 Fam/Grp Full  
StroudAllisonLifeLife Indiv Full  
StudnerMatthew and WendyActive2020Jackson StudnerFam/Grp Full  
TarjanAliceActive2020 Indiv Full  
TawsPamela and PatriciaActive2020 Fam/Grp Full  
TerryJoan W.InActive2018Ted MollettFam/Grp Full  
ThomasJuliaInActive2019 Indiv Full  
ThomasLindaActive2020 Indiv Full  
TobiasTerrance A.Active2020 Indiv Full  
TrefryDiane Active2020 Indiv Full  
ValentineDianneActive2020 Indiv Full  
Van SprangJodiInActive2018 Indiv Full  
VendittaBill and LizActive2020 Fam/Grp Full  
VentrescaJayeActive2020Regency Performance MiniaturesIndiv Full  
VickeryDianeActive2020 Indiv Full  
VollersCindyLifeLife Indiv Full  
WagnerMichaelInActive2019 Indiv Full  
WalbridgeElizabethActive2020 Indiv Full  
WaltersBarbara and MerrillActive2020Emma M. YoungFam/Grp Full  
WattsLynnInActive2018 Indiv Full  
WeisfeldEllen K.Active2020 Indiv Full  
WhiteZanaLifeLife Indiv Full  
WieandKatrina and AlbertActive2020 Fam/Grp Full PapNL
WilliamsSoniaInActive2018 Indiv Full  
WilliamsSueInActive2018Emily and Beth WilliamsFam/Grp Full  
WilliamsSusan ShieldsActive2020 Indiv Full  
WilliamsWendyLifeLife Indiv Full  
WillisLinda J. and Jay H.Active2020 Fam/Grp Full  
WiltisonRileyActive2020 Indiv Full  
WolfDebbie HeitzActive2020 Indiv Full  
WozniakMarcellaActive2020Mark EadesFam/Grp Full  
WrightLanaActive2020 Indiv Full  
Wright, VMDMariaInActive2019 Indiv Full  
WylieJane H.Active2020 Indiv Full  
YeeChristina M.Active2020Herb Yee, DVMFam/Grp Full  
Yonie's Harness ShopJonathan StoltzfusLifeLifewww.Yonies.comIndiv Full  
YurgaDonaldActive2020 Indiv Full