List of BVDC Members

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ExpiresLast NameFirst NameTypeStatusPaper NL?
LifeAdamsMargaret (Maggie)Indiv Full Life 
2018AdamsMicheleIndiv Full InActive 
2019AlbaAliceIndiv Full Active 
2018AleskowitzEllenIndiv Full InActivePapNL
2018AlexanderTheresaIndiv Full InActive 
2019AndersenLisa And AlbertFam/Grp Full ActivePapNL
2019AukampBrandon and TarynFam/Grp Full Active 
LifeAumillerGailIndiv Full Life 
2019BakerFrances and WayneFam/Grp Full Active 
2018BarchiAllieIndiv Full InActive 
2019BartholomewLydia WillitsIndiv Full ActivePapNL
2019BaturayVicki and AlFam/Grp Full Active 
2019BausermanDebIndiv Full Active 
2018BeauchampJon PaulIndiv Full InActive 
2019BetzendahlConiIndiv Full Active 
2018BlissPaulaIndiv Full InActive 
2019BondJeanneIndiv Full Active 
LifeBostwickAudrey A.Indiv Full Life 
2019BotkinRobynIndiv Full Active 
2019BottaroLeslieIndiv Full Active 
2019BoweCarolIndiv Full Active 
2019BowenJohnFam/Grp Full Active 
LifeBowenMickieIndiv Full Life 
2019BowkerDonIndiv Full Active 
LifeBozyczko-CoyneDonnaIndiv Full Life 
2019BrauningMicheleIndiv Full Active 
2019BreggiaJayFam/Grp Full ActivePapNL
2019BrightDanaIndiv Full Active 
2019BrosiusNewtIndiv Full Active 
2019BrownJenniferIndiv Full Active 
2019BruningTara P.Indiv Full ActivePapNL
2019BushCarolIndiv Full Active 
2019CamploneDeborahIndiv Full Active 
2019CanavanJudy and TimFam/Grp Full Active 
2020ClardyBarbaraIndiv Full Active 
2019ClementDonnaIndiv Full Active 
2018ColellaJoeIndiv Full InActivePapNL
2019CompanionLydiaIndiv Full Active 
2018ConnerCarolIndiv Full InActive 
2019CornmanMelanie and GregFam/Grp Full Active 
2019CouncillAnneIndiv Full Active 
2018CoxCarolineIndiv Full InActive 
LifeCrowley IIIP.J.Fam/Grp Full Life 
2020DeerkoskiBernadetteFam/Grp Full ActivePapNL
2019DeFazioLauraIndiv Full Active 
2019DobbinsSabrinaIndiv Full Active 
2019DollCynthiaIndiv Full Active 
2019DomeAnn RaackIndiv Full Active 
2020DonovanDeborahIndiv Full Active 
2019DoughertySuzanneIndiv Full Active 
2019DoveBetsyIndiv Full Active 
Lifedu PontNicoleIndiv Full Life 
2019DuchnowskiMarthaIndiv Full Active 
2019DuffellMarkIndiv Full Active 
2018DurhamBrookeIndiv Full InActive 
2020DwyerCarolIndiv Full Active 
2019EighmeLoryIndiv Full Active 
2019EmerickLouisa P.Indiv Full Active 
2019Emmell LeisterM. GraceIndiv Full Active 
2018EtterRussel and LindaFam/Grp Full InActive 
2019FarrisKathleenFam/Grp Full Active 
2019FenderJoyIndiv Full Active 
2019FettersMeredithIndiv Full Active 
2019FieldmanCynthiaIndiv Full Active 
2019Fitzpatrick IIIDr. Thomas A.Indiv Assoc ActivePapNL
2019ForneyDavidIndiv Full Active 
2019Frame, Jr.LewisIndiv Full Active 
2019FreemanTraceyIndiv Full Active 
2019GallowayJoan K.Indiv Full Active 
2019GershonVickiIndiv Full Active 
2018GiacomoniCaitlinIndiv Full InActive 
LifeGlennClaireIndiv Full Life 
2019GluckMykeIndiv Full Active 
2018GodshallAbramIndiv Full InActive 
2019GouldRhonda and RoyFam/Grp Full ActivePapNL
2019GrassiDoris A.Indiv Full ActivePapNL
2019GravesSuzanne and JohnFam/Grp Full Active 
2020GregorioSusanIndiv Full Active 
2019GregoryJohnFam/Grp Full Active 
2019GrilletMargaret M.Indiv Full Active 
2019GrothmannDebbieIndiv Full Active 
2019GuibersonJamieIndiv Full Active 
2019GutierrezAnthonyIndiv Full Active 
2019HaertleinBarbaraIndiv Full Active 
LifeHagerRoberta (Bobbi)Indiv Full Life 
2020HalkaChet and BonnieFam/Grp Full Active 
LifeHalko-RobertsAndreaIndiv Full Life 
2019HansenCamillaIndiv Full Active 
2019HarrisSherryIndiv Full Active 
2019HarrisYvetteIndiv Full Active 
2019HarrisonElizabethIndiv Full Active 
2019HartmanJudithAnnIndiv Full Active 
2019HearnAnne L.Indiv Full Active 
2019HeinzerHelen (As of 6/1/19)Indiv Full Active 
2019HirshDavid and DonnaFam/Grp Full Active 
LifeHomerLoreIndiv Full LifePapNL
2018HooverAliceIndiv Full InActive 
2019HorinePaigeIndiv Full Active 
2019HuntJohn Frazier and PennyFam/Grp Full ActivePapNL
2019HurstDonna S.Indiv Full ActivePapNL
LifeIrelandChar-AnIndiv Full Life 
2019JenkinsBarbara J.Indiv Full Active 
2019JoyceAnneIndiv Full Active 
2019KailDebraIndiv Full Active 
2019KalmanLindaIndiv Full Active 
2019KashnerKatieIndiv Full Active 
2019KennedyChris and LoisFam/Grp Full Active 
LifeKenworthy, DVMMartha A.Indiv Full Life 
2019Kinney-PaisleyJudithFam/Grp Full Active 
2019KisterPamIndiv Full Active 
LifeKleinBilly the KidIndiv Full Life 
LifeKlumppAnna M.Indiv Full Life 
2019KozakKathy and JimFam/Grp Full Active 
2019KozakowskiPatIndiv Full Active 
2019KreckmanSusanIndiv Full Active 
2018KriebelDonna and BrianFam/Grp Full InActivePapNL
2019KromkaMichelleIndiv Full Active 
2019KunertJanetIndiv Full Active 
LifeKwasnikLizIndiv Full Life 
2019LaceyClaireIndiv Full Active 
2019LachanceCourtneyIndiv Full Active 
2019LairdCharlotte and JohnFam/Grp Full Active 
2019LawlorMark and Mary LouFam/Grp Full Active 
LifeLeoJimIndiv Full Life 
2018LevitskyClaraIndiv Full InActive 
2018LewisTondaIndiv Full InActive 
LifeLongstaffRobert and StephanieFam/Grp Full LifePapNL
2019LubinskiSzczepanIndiv Full ActivePapNL
2019MacheskiDianeIndiv Full Active 
2018MajorBethIndiv Full InActive 
2019MandichBarbara LampleyIndiv Full Active 
2019MarleyKenneth G. and Sandra A.Fam/Grp Full Active 
2019MartinDarrell & KatherineFam/Grp Full Active 
2019MartinWeaver R.Indiv Full Active 
2018McDonaldMegan M.Fam/Grp Full InActive 
2019McGuiganColleenIndiv Full Active 
2019McLeanJeanIndiv Full Active 
2019MessnerSandra and KenFam/Grp Full Active 
2019MeyerKathrynIndiv Full Active 
2019MichalenkoRitaIndiv Full ActivePapNL
2019MillerGerard and DeborahFam/Grp Full ActivePapNL
2019MillerSandra K.Indiv Full Active 
2019MokuauKarenIndiv Full Active 
2018MooneyColleenIndiv Full InActive 
2019MooreDerekIndiv Full Active 
2019MorganTraceyIndiv Full Active 
LifeMorrisRebeccaIndiv Full Life 
2018Mott-KocsisMaryIndiv Full InActive 
2019MuhlenbergTerryIndiv Full Active 
2018MulveyRobertIndiv Full InActive 
2018MurphyPaulIndiv Full InActive 
2020NelsonMary and EdFam/Grp Full Active 
2019O'DayKarenIndiv Full ActivePapNL
2019PaglieiGemmaIndiv Full Active 
2018PaleAbigailIndiv Full InActive 
LifePalmer-MillerKailIndiv Full Life 
2019ParrisBrittany and JeffreyFam/Grp Full Active 
2019ParsonsCorrinaIndiv Full Active 
2019PaxtonHeleneIndiv Full Active 
2019PendleburyBeckyIndiv Full Active 
2018Pennell-BriantJeanineFam/Grp Full InActive 
2019PontzDawn and MikeFam/Grp Full Active 
2020PrzemienieckiMichelle and ChrisFam/Grp Full Active 
2019PurnellCharlotte AnneIndiv Full ActivePapNL
2019PykaSherriIndiv Full Active 
2019QuearMichael D.Indiv Full Active 
2018ReithJadeIndiv Full InActive 
2018RendonDeborahIndiv Full InActive 
LifeRiddleLuAnne RyanIndiv Full Life 
2019RobertsSusan H.Indiv Full Active 
2018RobinsonRebekahIndiv Full InActive 
2018RolfesDoris A.Fam/Grp Full InActive 
LifeRootKarenIndiv Full Life 
2019RosenthalDaniel M.Indiv Full Active 
2019RoyDee and KenFam/Grp Full Active 
2019SandersAnnIndiv Full Active 
2019ScarcellePattyIndiv Full Active 
2019SchellKaren L.Indiv Full ActivePapNL
2018SchmittSaraIndiv Full InActive 
LifeSeidelLeslieIndiv Full Life 
2019SharpLeahIndiv Full Active 
2019ShettslineRobertFam/Grp Full Active 
2019ShoemakerJudithFam/Grp Full ActivePapNL
2018ShrawderElizabeth (Liz)Indiv Full InActive 
2019SimonetLynnIndiv Full Active 
LifeSingerLisaIndiv Full Life 
2019SmithAl (Smitty)Indiv Full Active 
2019SmithClaudineIndiv Full Active 
2019SmithJoanIndiv Full Active 
2019SoldavinAaronIndiv Full Active 
2019SpaldingDeborahIndiv Full Active 
2019Spencer-JonesLydiannFam/Grp Full Active 
2018SpinelliAnnIndiv Full InActive 
2018SpurgasAnnIndiv Assoc InActive 
2019StaffordSuzy Indiv Full Active 
2019StinsonGayle A.Indiv Full Active 
2020StoverKimberly and JeffreyFam/Grp Full Active 
LifeStroudAllisonIndiv Full Life 
2019TawsPamela and PatriciaFam/Grp Full Active 
2018TerryJoan W.Fam/Grp Full InActive 
2019ThomasJuliaIndiv Full Active 
2020ThomasLindaIndiv Full Active 
2019TobiasTerryIndiv Full Active 
2019TrefryDiane Indiv Full Active 
2019ValentineDianneIndiv Full Active 
2018Van SprangJodiIndiv Full InActive 
2019VendittaBill and LizFam/Grp Full Active 
2019VentrescaJayeIndiv Full Active 
2019VickeryDianeIndiv Full Active 
2018VisalliBernadineIndiv Full InActive 
LifeVollersCindyIndiv Full Life 
2019WagnerMichaelIndiv Full Active 
2019WalbridgeElizabethIndiv Full Active 
2019WaltersBarbara and MerrillFam/Grp Full Active 
2018WattsLynnIndiv Full InActive 
2019WeisfeldEllen K.Indiv Full Active 
LifeWhiteZanaIndiv Full Life 
2019WieandKatrina and AlbertFam/Grp Full ActivePapNL
2018WilliamsSoniaIndiv Full InActive 
2018WilliamsSueFam/Grp Full InActive 
2019WilliamsSusan ShieldsIndiv Full Active 
2019WilliamsWendyIndiv Full Active 
2019WillisLinda J. and Jay H.Fam/Grp Full Active 
2019WiltisonRileyIndiv Full Active 
2019WolfDebbie HeitzIndiv Full Active 
2019WozniakMarcellaFam/Grp Full ActivePapNL
2019WrightLanaIndiv Full Active 
2019Wright, VMDMariaIndiv Full Active 
2019WylieJane H.Indiv Full Active 
2019YeeChristina M.Fam/Grp Full ActivePapNL
LifeYonie's Harness ShopJonathan StoltzfusIndiv Full Life 
2019YurgaDonaldIndiv Full Active