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What is this Project?   Care for the Fair Hill Hazards by ensuring they are repaired, painted, mowed/wacked regularly from April thru October each year.


Why should BVDC members care? Many members use these hazards – especially those who drive at Elk Creek CDE and at Teddy Bears Picnic. 


Why doesn’t “Fair Hill” take care of their own hazards???

Because “Fair Hill” is really a collection of groups – each with their own responsibilities:

· Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) maintains the trails, stables and common areas around the stables.  DNR is not responsible for the rings or hazards that we use for driving events.

· Fair Hill International (FHI) runs a 3-day combined riding event in October called The Festival and maintains the areas it needs for that event throughout the year. FHI no longer runs a driving event in conjunction with The Festival – so they do not need the hazards anymore and they do not maintain them.

· Elk Creek CDE pays FHI to maintain the rings and parking lots off Gallaher Road that we use for Elk Creek and Teddy Bears Picnic. Teddy Bears Picnic pays FHI a daily fee when we use them. None of that money covers the hazards. No part of the entry fee for Elk Creek or TBP covers hazard maintenance. To do this, we would have to raise the entry fees dramatically.


So the Fair Hill hazards are orphans. Without maintenance they will become covered with weeds and saplings and just rot away! And BVDC will lose Fair Hill as an event venue.


Who has been taking care of the hazards the past few years?

A few of the more than 100 drivers who use Fair Hill hazards each year have been trying to do the work themselves, but it is too big a job with too few people. We have to bring our own mowers and wackers, tool and paint or hire someone to do the work for us. So here is a perfect opportunity to fulfill your “give back” obligation to this unique and beautiful venue.


How can I help? There are lots of ways. . .

Þ Are you be willing to donate $25 toward hiring someone to do the mowing/wacking each month and needed painting and repair?

Þ Are you willing to come 1 day a year to mow or weed-wack? If so, can you bring your own equipment?

Þ Are you willing to come 1 day a year to operate a zero-turn mower or weed wacker if one is provided?

Þ Do you have skill in repair or painting that you are willing to offer?



I want to do my part!  How do I sign up? Click Here!



Updated 2/9/2019