Carriage Driving Volunteers Privacy Statement

We only use the personal information you give us to communicate with you about the horse show entries, volunteer assignments, donations to horse events that are solicited on this site or membership renewals in Brandywine Valley Driving Club.

We do not publish the information that you give us or make it available to anyone else, except that we do publish BVDC member information (that you provide for the Directory) in the Brandywine Valley Driving Club Directory that is available to members only. The BVDC Online Directory, which is password protected, is in a separate private database managed by Bobbi Hager as a custodian for BVDC.

We do not even provide your personal information to PayPal when you pay for entry fees, memberships or donations through this site.  That is why you have to enter the information again into PayPal when you use that payment option.

Bobbi Hager