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Fair Hill International

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Google Maps Plus Code: M4WV+W2 Elkton, Maryland

GPS Address of Entrance Road: Kennel Rd, Elkton, MD 21921


From Elkton MD: Take MD 213N to MD 273E, turn right and go 0.6 miles then turn right into the Kennel Rd Entrance.


From Newark DE: Take MD 273W about 6 miles then turn left into Kennel Rd Entrance.


From Kennel Rd Entrance: At first intersection, make a left onto Ranger Skinner Dr followed by an immediate right onto Kennel Rd again. Proceed straight to Stabling Entrance on right.


From Old TBP Spot on Gallaher Rd to 2020 TBP Spot:

From Newark:  Continue BEYOND Gallaher Rd to Kennal Rd on your left.

From Elkton:  Find Kennal Rd on your right BEFORE you get to Gallaher Rd


Confirmation Certificate must be displayed in every vehicle to be admitted at the Stabling Entrance no exceptions.