Teddy Bear Picnic Classes So Far This Year.  Small Classes May Be Combined.  Return to Competitor Home Page

On line entries appear immediately.  Mailed or emailed entries appear when I put them in!  CT = Combined Test (Dressage and Cones Only); BT = Bear Trials (Combined Test Plus TB Trot);  HT = Horse Trials (Dressage, Cones, Marathon)

 Leslie BottaroClinic              
 Paige HorineClinic              
51Abby PaleBTSinglePony TrainingWilly   TSP 17 24 51T2wP TSmP B
61Margaret GrilletCTSingleHorse TrainingKarolina Kazimer   TSH 17 0 61T2wP   
53Rhonda GouldCTSinglePony TrainingMary Lou GHHF   TSP 17 0 53T2wP   
54Roy GouldCTSinglePony TrainingNutty Buddy   TSP 17 0 54T2wP   
55Jamie GuibersonCTSinglePony TrainingHe's Not Your Avreage Muggle    TSP 17 0 55T2wP   
52Joan SmithCTSinglePony TrainingCustom Blue Chrome   TSP 17 0 52T2wP   
58Mary NelsonBTSingleHorse TrainingEJ Kizmet   TSH 18 24 58T2wP TH  
56Vicki GershonBTSingleHorse TrainingSan Souci    TSH 18 24 56T2wP TH  
59Lisa AndersenBTSingleHorse TrainingHeyday   TSH 18 24 59T2wP TH C
57Deb BausermanBTSingleHorse TrainingAn American Model   TSH 18 24 57T2wP TH  
60Sherry HarrisBTSinglePony TrainingSmart Remarks   TSP 18 24 60T2wP TP  
62Anna KlumppBTSingleVSE PreliminaryCrayonbox Midnight Sky   PSV 19 22 62P2wP PVSE  
63Dana BrightCTSinglePony PreliminaryCubbyhole Wren   PSP 19 0 63P2wP   
64Sonia WilliamsCTSinglePony PreliminaryAcorn   PSP 19 0 64P2wP  B
65Beth BerlinCTSinglePony PreliminaryCharlee   PSP 19 0 65P2wP   
68Gemma PaglieiHTSinglePony TrainingJasmine   TSP 2 0 68T2wP TSmP  
67Tracey MorganHTSinglePony TrainingGuardian Max Don   TSP 2 0 67T2wP TP A
66Ann SpurgasHTSinglePony TrainingFree Spirit of Excellence   TSP 2 0 66T2wP TP C
69Cynthia DollCTSinglePony IntermediateFCF Power Play   ISP 20 0 69Int3wP   
70Albert AndersenHTSingleHorse TrainingAmos   TSH 3 0 70T2wP TH C
71Debby DonovanHTSingleHorse TrainingSpring Hollow Brighton   TSH 3 0 71T2wP TH  
72Lee BerryhilHTSingleHorse TrainingA Little Bit of Lagniappe   TSH 3 0 72T2wP TH  
73Daniel RosenthalHTPairPony PreliminaryMaudeTabitha  PPP 4 0 73P2wP PSmP A
74Kim StoverHTSingleHorse PreliminaryHal   PSH 4 0 74P2wP PH  
75Zana WhiteHTSinglePony PreliminaryRedman   PSP 4 0 75P2wP PP  
76Theresa AlexanderHTSinglePony PreliminaryFiddlemaker's Bottle Rocket   PSP 4 0 76P2wP PSmP