Teddy Bears Picnic Competitor Packet Ready

The direct link to this page is: http://carriagedrivingvolunteers.org/TBPCompetitors/TBPCompetitorPacket.aspx  It works on your cellphone browser, too.

No Packets, Ribbons or Awards at the Show.  No Score Board.  No Secretary Board or Stand.  Unofficial scores are up on ipad or cellphone.
Online Scores So Far:    By Class     By Comp No    By Venue    Coming Soon!  Results you see now are our scorers playing!!

You Must Have The Pages Below so print them and bring them to the show . . . . .

Competitor Certificate Print and display in all vehicles in your Team  Ready!  Get Competitor Number Ready!   

ADS - SafetyCheckList.pdf  Print, fill-in and throw in the Hands Free Collection Bucket at the Entry Gate.    

Print the pages you need and try out how they look on you cellphone . . . . .

Dressage Ring Schedule  Then report in directly to Cones Warm-Up. No Wheel Measurement - Standard Width Cones. In Gate will call when it is your turn. After Cones report to the TBP Trot Starter. 

Teddy Bear Trot Order of Go - Times are approximate! Report to Trot Start after Cones. You will be released in the order shown with proper spacing from competitor ahead - not exact time.

To the Show and Stabling:   Driving Directions to Show from multiple spots Ready!  Stabling Map Ready!   

Area Maps: TBP Grounds Map Ready!  TBP Ring Walkers Map Ready!  TBP Dressage Area Map Ready!    TBP Cones Area Map Ready!      

Dressage Tests: Dressage Tests 2020.pdf Ready! 

Cones Map/Time Allowed: CT Cones Course Ready!    Reverse Cones Course Ready!    ConesTimeAllowed Ready!    

Trot Map/Time Allowed: Teddy Bear Trot Trail Map Ready!       Bear Trot Time Rules Ready!      Bear Trot Time Allowed 3KReady!       Bear Trot Time Allowed 6K Ready!