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On line entries appear immediately.  Mailed or emailed entries appear when I put them in!  CT = Combined Test (Dressage and Cones Only); BT = Bear Trials (Combined Test Plus TB Trot);  HT = Horse Trials (Dressage, Cones, Marathon)

Comp NoDriverCompetitionTypeSizeLvlHorse1Horse2Horse3Horse4Secretary CommentsEntryOrderSharing?DetailsSharePair
69Beth BerlinCTSinglePony PreliminaryCharlee   Complete1No   
56Leslie BottaroBTSinglePony TrainingCricket   Complete1No   
51Faye BrewsterBTSingleVSE TrainingTimeless Gun Ho 2 Show   Complete1No   
 Caraline CornmanNoneSingleHorse IntermediateCashmere of Genesis   Scratch1  
 Caraline CornmanNonePairPony TrainingTulipkings JacquelineRosieTulipkings Kikomachi Scratch2   
 Laura DeFazioNoneSingleHorse TrainingTFF Hard Act to Follow   Scratch2No  
72Laura DeFazioCTSingleHorse PreliminaryBar Nothing Cisco   Helper Release1No   
54Ann DomeBTSinglePony TrainingBeatrice   Derek Give To Debby Fri1No  
73Debby DonovanCTSingleHorse PreliminarySpring Hollow Brighton   Complete1No   
59Suzanne DoughertyBTSingleHorse TrainingHerbie   Coggins Friday1No   
68Nicole du PontCTSinglePony Preliminary Clay Creek Gilligan   Complete1No   
52Martha DuchnowskiBTSingleVSE TrainingMr Red   Daniel releases x21No   
78Tracey FreemanHTSingleHorse PreliminaryRU My Fair Lady   Nav 2 Releases1No   
58Vicki GershonBTSingleHorse TrainingOllie   Complete1No   
65Jamie GuibersonBTPairPony TrainingHe's Not Your Average Muggle (Muggles)Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Bowie)  Complete1No   
57Judith Ann HartmanCTSinglePony TrainingSevern Hollyberry Bow   Complete1No   
61Helen HeinzerBTSingleHorse TrainingComos Fire N Ice "Red"   Complete1No   
70Katie KashnerCTSinglePony PreliminaryTrooper   Complete1No   
76Judith Kinney PaisleyHTSingleHorse TrainingKash Dejour ("Star")   Complete1No   
66Anna KlumppBTPairVSE TrainingMightyt AphroditeKnickerbocker  Complete1No   
71Claire LaceyCTSinglePony PreliminarySevern Rainbow   Complete1No   
53Rita MichalenkoCTSingleVSE TrainingCupcake   Complete1No   
67Tara MilizianoBTSinglePony PreliminaryKendalwoods Kowboy Boots   Complete1Yes Eliza Walridge Gator; Eliza is also DrivingB
77Mary NelsonHTSingleHorse TrainingRoo   Complete1No   
60Brittany ParrisBTSingleHorse TrainingWinston DCTF   Complete1No   
55joan smithBTSinglePony Trainingcustom blue chrome   Complete1No   
62jacintha spruytBTSingleHorse Trainingulco   Comp[lete1yes Stroud gator for BTrotA
75Kim StoverCTSingleHorse IntermediateBatman   Complete1No   
74allison stroudCTSingleHorse PreliminaryIftvan ez   Complete1yes Gator for SpruytA
64alice tarjanBTPairHorse TrainingLeoJaster  Complete1No   
80Testy TestNoneSinglePony TrainingTest Mare    1No   
63Eliza WalbridgeCTSingleHorse TrainingIvanja   Complete1Yes Gator for Tara MB