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On line entries appear immediately.  Mailed or emailed entries appear when I put them in!  CT = Combined Test (Dressage and Cones Only); BT = Bear Trials (Combined Test Plus TB Trot);  HT = Horse Trials (Dressage, Cones, Marathon)

The Picnic IS ON even though we only have 22 entries with a few more Maybes!
Comp NoDriverCompetitionTypeSizeLvlHorse1Horse2Horse3Horse4Secretary CommentsEntryOrderSharePair
 Albert AndersenHTSingleHorse TrainingAmos   Complete. Thanks!1 
 Lisa AndersenCTSingleHorse TrainingHeyday   Complete. Thanks!1 
 Allie BarchiHTSinglePony TrainingClarwood Mariposa   Need $155;$50 Stall Dep; Coggins, Release x 11 
 Leslie BottaroBTSinglePony TrainingCricket   Complete. Thanks!1 
 Christine CornmanBTSinglePony TrainingRosie   Complete! Thanks!1B
 Melanie CornmanHTSinglePony TrainingTulip   Complete. Thanks!1B
 Debby DonovanHTSingleHorse PreliminarySpring Hollow Brighton   Halla Release at show1 
 Nicole du PontCTPairPony PreliminaryClay Creek Whisper   Need 2nd Coggins; Nav Name and Release1 
 Brooke DurhamHTSingleVSE TrainingCozzie Wilson   Need Coggins; Release x 21 
 Vicki GershonBTSingleHorse TrainingOllie   Need Coggins; Release x 21 
 Susan Gregorio HTSingleHorse PreliminaryCarbonero Del Sol   Need Coggins; Release x 21 
 Sherry HarrisBTSinglePony TrainingSmart Remarks   Need Coggins; Release X 21 
 JudithAnn HartmanCTPairPony TrainingSevern Hollyberry BowSevern Festive Bow  Complete. Thanks!1 
 Lois KennedyHTSinglePony PreliminaryTristan   Complete. Scratched1 
 Anna KlumppCTSingleVSE TrainingDr Knickerbocker   Need Release x 11A
 Anna KlumppHTPairVSE IntermediateMighty APhroditeMIdnight SKy  Need Release x 22A
 Claire LaceyCTSinglePony TrainingSevern Rainbow   Thanks!1 
 Kathryn MeyerCTSingleVSE TrainingCinnamon Sugar   Complete. Thanks!1 
 Rita MichalenkoHTSingleVSE TrainingHCM X-Caliber's Aphrodite (Cupcake)   Need Coggins1 
 Gemma PaglieiHTSinglePony TrainingJasmine   Complete. Thanks!1 
 Becky PendleburyBTSinglePony TrainingJuliette   Complete. Thanks!1 
 Kim StoverHTSingleHorse PreliminaryHal   Complete. Thanks!1 
 Zana WhiteHTSinglePony PreliminaryRedman   Need Coggins; Release x 21