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TBP limits the number of "sharing pairs" to about 5 (20% of the entries) because allowing a higher percentage creates such a demanding schedule that it takes the fun out of the Picnic! 

Sharing requests are granted on a first come/first served basis. 

Sharing pairs designated by a letters A-E are accepted pairs.  Pairs F and G may be accepted.

 Pairs ending in W are waitlisted in the alphbetical order of the first letter.


Edit SherryHarris  Yes I would like to share a navigator if possible?BTSinglePony Training5
EditA TraceyMorganTBD Yes Hannah Polson Judge is gatorHTSinglePony Training1
EditA DanielRosenthalValMahalaYes Tracey Morgan navigatingHTPairPony Preliminary18
EditB AbbyPaleSoniaWilliamsYes Sonia Williams will be my navigator for the bear trotBTSinglePony Training21
EditB SoniaWilliams  Yes Navigating for Abby PaleCTSinglePony Preliminary9
EditC AnnSpurgasPaulaBlissYes Paula Bliss Gator for Albert AHTSinglePony Training1031
EditC LisaAndersenAlbertAndersenyes Sharing CarriageBTSingleHorse Training15
EditC AlbertAndersenPaulaBlissYes Sharing Carriage with Lisa. Sharing gator with AnnHTSingleHorse Training16