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TBP limits the number of "sharing pairs" to about 5 (20% of the entries) because allowing a higher percentage creates such a demanding schedule that it takes the fun out of the Picnic! 

Sharing requests are granted on a first come/first served basis. 

Sharing pairs designated by a letters A-E are accepted pairs.  Pairs F and G may be accepted.

 Pairs ending in W are waitlisted in the alphbetical order of the first letter.


Edit DonnaBozyczko-CoyneNA Yes Will drive an extra dressage test CTSingleVSE Training1088
Edit AnnaKlumppAnnAdamsYes May be sharing a navigator HTPairVSE Training1090
Edit DianeVickeryPamKisteryes Pam Kister maybe bringing another student HTSingleHorse Training1094
EditA JamieGuibersonNA Yes Another entry Bear Trot - sharing everythingA HTSinglePony Training1114
EditA JamieGuibersonNA Yes Driving HDT and sharing everthingA NoneSinglePony Training1115
EditB ElizaWalbridgeTaraCrowleyYES Sharing Tara CrowleyB HTSingleHorse Training1108
EditB Jean McLean Tara CrowleyYES Sharing Gator Tara CrowleyB BTSinglePony Preliminary1104