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TBP limits the number of "sharing pairs" to about 5 (20% of the entries) because allowing a higher percentage creates such a demanding schedule that it takes the fun out of the Picnic! 

Sharing requests are granted on a first come/first served basis. 

Sharing pairs designated by a letters A-E are accepted pairs.  Pairs F and G may be accepted.

 Pairs ending in W are waitlisted in the alphbetical order of the first letter.


Edit TestRecord2BryceKoviYes Testing the sharing sectionBTSinglePony Prelim1035
Edit Anna KlumppDonnaHurstYes Two entries One For CT only, one for intermediate Horse trial CTSingleVSE Training1038
Edit AnnaKlumppDonnaHurstyes  HTPairVSE Intermediate1039