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TBP limits the number of "sharing pairs" to about 3 (20% of the entries) because allowing a higher percentage creates such a demanding schedule that it takes the fun out of the Picnic! 

Sharing requests are granted on a first come/first served basis. 

Sharing pairs designated by a letters A-C are accepted pairs.  Pairs D and E may be accepted if the schedule can work.

 Pairs ending in W are waitlisted in the alphbetical order of the first letter.


EditA allisonstroudjacinthaspruytyes Gator for SpruytA CTSingleHorse Preliminary19
EditA jacinthaspruytallisonstroudyes Stroud gator for BTrotA BTSingleHorse Training22
EditB TaraMilizianoElizaWalbridgeYes Eliza Walridge Gator; Eliza is also DrivingB BTSinglePony Preliminary31
EditB ElizaWalbridgeNANAYes Gator for Tara MB CTSingleHorse Training9