Volunteer Instructions Page  Mostly Ready! See Notes Below!

Note that some sheets are Examples.  Clipboards will have actual forms.

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Here are instruction pages for some of the jobs.  If you do not see your job here, you will just get your instruction at the briefing.

Set Up Jobs: Ready!

Dressage Ring - How to set up! By Harry Brinker ADS Education Committee Chair.  Easiest way yet!!

Cones Ring - How to set up . . . coming soon.

Hazards - How to set up. . .coming someday.

Marathon Course - How to set up. . .coming someday.

Administrative Jobs:  Ready!

Radio Manager

Volunteer Tent Manager

Score Runner

Scoring CDE wo a Computer

Dressage Jobs  Ready!

Dressage In Gate

Dressage Scribe + The Perfect Scribe   Dressage Tests 2019

Wheel Measurerer +  Wheel Measurement FormCones Setting and Track Width By Competitor Example Only!  + Cones and Track Width Advanced  Example Only!

Cones Jobs  Ready!

Cones Scribe  +     Cones Score Sheets (Individual) + Cones Backup Sheet

Cones In Gate

Cones Timer Instructions  +  Cones Timer Backup Sheet  +  How to Run A Stopwatch

Cones Setter Instructions (Live Oak)  Cones Setter Video

Obstacle Team Jobs   Ready!

Hazard Observer Instruction Package  +  Blank Score Sheet  +  Observer Backup Sheet

Hazard Observer Assistant + Hazard Observer Instruction Pkt  +  Blank Score Sheet +   Observer Backup Sheet

Hazard Timer + Timer Backup Sheet  +  How to Run a Stopwatch

Hazard Hold Timer +  Hazard Hold Timer Sheet  +  How to Run a Stopwatch

Hazard Radio

Section Timer Jobs  Ready!

Important Marathon Rules

TBPGreenCard  +  Section Timer Backup Sheet +

Start of E Instructions  

End of E Instructions

How to Run A Stopwatch

How to Run a Casio Time Computer

Teddy Bear Trot Instructions  Ready!

Watch Bear Instructions +  Watch Bear Backup Sheet  +  TBTrot Honey Card   Task List will be on your clipboard - they are secret until Competitor Packets are handed out.

+ How to Run a Stopwatch In case you have to hold someone at your Task.

    TBTrot Starter InstructionsTBTrot Honey Card + Watch Bear Backup Sheet

    TBTrot Ender Instruction + TBTrot Honey Card + Watch Bear Backup Sheet


Vet Box Jobs: Ready!

Vet Box Volunteer Instructions (Live Oak) +

Vet Record Sheets - Singles     Vet Record Sheets - Pairs  Vet Record Sheets - Teams

Withdrawal Recommendation Form