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                    Dates:  September 2 - 4, 2016  Ready for 2016!

Website: Fair Hill CDE by Glen Willow Facebook Page

Organizer/Secretary: Ann Pringle 910-691-7735

Sponsorships and Donations: Dan Rosenthal 908-892-0415

Volunteer Manager: Bobbi Hager  201-572-3425

Levels: ADS - Training, Preliminary, Intermediate.  USEF - Advanced

Classes: Singles, Pairs, 4-in-Hands for  Horses and Ponies


Wednesday - Stables and Secretary Office Open at Noon.

Thursday - First Horse Inspection 1PM.  Briefing and Welcome Party: TBA

Friday - Dressage - Volunteers 8AM; Event starts 9AM.

Saturday - Marathon - Volunteers 7:30AM; Event starts 9AM. Competitors Party TBA.

Sunday - Cones - Volunteers 8AM; Event starts 9AM.