About Teddy Bears Picnic

Special COVID Safety Format for 2020

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The Bears want you to know. . .

Teddy Bears Picnic is a BVDC schooling show for DRIVERS who are BVDC members. . .your navigator, groom, helpers do not have to be members; but do have to sign a release.

Dressage, Cones and Marathon mostly follow ADS rules - espescially the rules related to safety!

And we STRICTLY ENFORCE the pace rules for each level in each phase.

. . .But there are differences:

TBP 2020 Has No Hazards or Marathon.  When we do have a Marathon, TBP scores Training hazards as part of the training experience so that our members can begin to compare their solutions to others and see their progress toward Preliminary. 

Judges are not bound by the ADS 30-day rule for instructor/student activity.

We do not use a lot of the "technical violations" related to turnout  

We also do not use Elimination as frequently as ADS does.  We think a 10 point penalty for "technical" violations gets the point across without ruining what is supposed to be a fun day.  

The Teddy Bear Trot phase is a whimsical country drive with it's own rules. 

This is a fun show - not a serious competition!!  So please come to have fun!