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Fair Hill, Elkton, MD  Sunday October 27, 2019    (Clinic October 26 from 3 - 9 to 12Noon)

Rain or Shine! We Really Mean It!!  It Takes a Week To Set Up!

Judges:  Dressage - Hannah Polson     Cones -  Zana White (Lore Homer/Mentor)    TD - Dan Rosenthal

Clinicians:  Dressage - TBA       Hazards - TBA

Course Designers:  Marathon - Lisa Singer  Cones - Lisa Singer      Teddy Bear Trot Tasks - Bobbi Hager

Entries Open: September 16, 2019 - Entries submitted before 9/16 will be counted as submitted 9/16.

Entries Close: October 15, 2019 - Go/No Decision October 18. If we do not have 25 PAID entries, the show will be cancelled and fees returned!

Limit: 30 entries based on postmark/online date. We will waitlist. Scratch by October 15 to get full refund - so enter early to save your spot!

Note Our Sharing Rules!! Only the first 5 pairs (10 entries) of sharing requests will be accepted. “Sharing” is driver going twice or sharing carriage, gator, helper etc.

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What is Teddy Bears Picnic?       Fair Hill General Rules     Fair Hill Equestrian and Camping Rules Rules     Donate to Care for the Fair Hill Hazards       Teddy Bears Picnic Song by Bing Crosby

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Secretary:Bobbi Hager 293 Diamond Spring Road Denville, NJ 07834    201-572-3425 cell  Text Starting Tuesday 10/22.  I will be at Fair Hill!

Revised Start Times: Dressage Ring Ready! After Dressage, go to Cones Warm Up to be measured and warm up a bit.  Present yourself to the Cones InGate when ready.  Be sure to leave plenty of time to get to Marathon/Trot if you are doing that after Cones.  

Revised Start Times: Marathon/Bear Trot  Ready!  The Preliminary Marathon/Bear Trot Schedule may be posted as early as Tuesday 10/22, but it will likely be tweeked by a minute or 2 to adjust spacing.   The final schedule will be in your packet and ON THE BOARD.  So be sure to check final times on the board Sunday AM!

ConesTimeAllowed Ready!     Marathon Time Allowed Ready!     Includes Target Times to each Outgate - Calculated to hit the Time Allowed (Maximum time before penalties)

Bear Trot Time Allowed Ready!  Includes Target Times leaving each Task - Calculated to hit the Time Allowed (Maximum time before penalties)

Looking For Score Bears!  We need members to step up to be Volunteer Scorers.  Training takes 5 minutes and the program are FREE! No special software is require - this new one works from the Cloud!  Email Bobbi@dsfgroup.org to apply to be a Score Bear!

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