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All Old Stuff - Come back in the Fall!   Fair Hill, Elkton, MD  October 22, 2017   (Clinic Oct. 21- 9 to 12Noon)


Rain or Shine!  We Really Mean It!!  It Takes a Week To Set Up!

Judges:  Dressage - Anne Councill and Hannah Polson     Cones -  Lore Homer   TD - Joanne Bellion-Povenski

Clinicians:  Dressage - Tracey Morgan       Hazards - Dana Bright

Course Designers:  Marathon - Lisa Singer  Cones - Lisa Singer      Teddy Bear Trot Tasks - Bobbi Hager

Entries Open: September 13, 2017 Entries submitted before 9/13 will be counted as submitted 9/13.

Bobbi Must RECEIVE your entry by: October 13, 2017 Entries received after October 13 must include a $20 late fee and may not be able to be scheduled. The Bears are very busy after October 13!

Limited to 50 entries based on postmark/online date. Entries Scratched by October 13 will get full refunds - so enter early to save you spot!


Note Our Sharing Rules!! Only the first 5 pairs (10 entries) of sharing requests will be accommodated in the schedule. “Sharing” is driver going twice or sharing carriage, gator, helper, etc. Equines can only go once. No 3-way sharing. Both shared entries in a pair must be PAID by the closing date to be scheduled. We will waitlist.

Note:  Blue Links Work.  Black Linkes are not ready yet. Start Online Entry Process      Donate to Care for the Fair Hill Hazards       What is Teddy Bears Picnic?       Fair Hill Park Rules         

BestAwards 2017   All Classes Results 2017(pdf)   Thank You 2017 TBP Volunteers!

Start Times:    Dressage Ring 1     Dressage Ring 2     Marathon/Bear Trot     The Marathon Schedule may be tweeked by one or two minutes to allow for spacing.  The final schedule will be in your packet and ON THE BOARD.  So be sure to check final times there!

Marathon Time Allowed    ConesTimeAllowed Ready!

Competitors Test Scoring System  Ready for Practice!  I will send you your competitor number for practice on Tuesday.  Only play with the competitor number I gave you.  Messing with other peoples scores is Mean!Get a Paper Entry Packet  Click here to get a 3-page pdf with an entry form, release, event information and instructions on how to enter via US Mail. Ready!

Members Only Show:  Click Here to Join BVDC    Ready!      If you join/renew before the show, your membership is good thru 2018 at 2017 Rates!

Entry Status   Sharing Status - limit 5 pairs (A-E)   Dressage Tests 2017.pdf   Drivers Already Entered    View Your Entry(s)      Classes List so Far Ready!

Stall List    Stabling Map    Map from Barn to TBP    Stall Cleaning List    Camper List    ATV Permit List    Clinic List    Lunch List    Extra Test List    Ready!

Try Payment Step Again!   Get TBP Release.pdf     Get TBP Fact Sheet.pdf  Ready!

Secretary:Bobbi Hager 293 Diamond Spring Road Denville, NJ 07834    201-572-3425 cell  Text Starting Tuesday 10/17.  I will be at Fair Hill!

TBP Grounds and Course Map     TBP Grounds and Course Map For BW Printing     TBP Grounds and Course Map FOR Color Printing     Hazards    Cones  Ready!

Class Results For 2017 - Best Awards will be done tonight.  The Bears have to Pack up the Picnic right now! 

If you are very observant you will note that the course penalty numbers are lower than what was on the board, but all of the placings stayed the same. The marathon times that were posted and the times you tried to achieve were correct.  But the bleary eyed Bear forgot to update them in the scoring system, so the course penalties were calculated yesterday with last year's distances which were longer. Since a "rising tide lifts all ships" the effect is that the correct scores look better numerically, but the placing is still the same.

Scorer Bears Wanted: As you can tell, we really need members to step up to be volunteer Scorers.  Training and the program are FREE! No special software is require - this new one works from the Cloud!  The new Test System will be up shortly for you to play around with!  Just let Bobbi know you want to be a Score Bear or Score Bear Assistant!


Score Bears Test Scoring System  Ready for Beta Test - Score Bears Only Please.  It will open for the rest of you next week!  (If you mess with the Score Bears you will be sorry!)

will be up by Noon on Monday after the show

Best Awards for 2017:  Packets, Ribbons and Awards will go out the first week of November!        

If you cannot open the pdfs, try clicking the yellow button to download a free Acrobat Reader.  Uncheck the Google Toolbar box on the Acrobat download screen if you do not want the toolbar.  It will not effect the Acrobat Reader./font>>


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